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Home School/Day Time Class Information

Times and Location

New! Home School Flying Fish classes held at:

Tim Irwin Aquatic Center at 967 Irwin Street, Knoxville

10 minutes from West Town Mall - near I-275

Classes are for swimmers who are not ready to join a year round swim team or for Middle School and High School swimmers wanting to stay in shape in the off season.

Jenna Johnson, 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist, provides your child with advanced competitive swimming techniques for butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle, starts and turns. Jenna employs swimming workouts emphasizing conditioning, interval training, and graceful efficiency in the water. Swimmers receive practical tips on how to swim like a champion.

All participants MUST have previous competitive swim experience. All participants must be 7 years or older.

Classes are held on Wednesday and Friday.

Fees are $60 per month for one swimmer (sibling discounts available) attending one class per week. Fees are $110 per month for one swimmer attending 2 classes per week, $160 per month for 3 classes per week, $210 per month for 4 classes per week. Please speak to Jenna for details. Checks are to be made payable to Jenna Johnson or online at Contact Jenna for sign up information.

Equipment Needed